What is CDKeys.io ?

CDKeys.io is a platform that provides buyers from all around the world with the possibility to buy software keys at a fair price with no hassle through an innovative platform.

We are the best way to buy, install and use software! With CDKeys.io Software
you won’t just get an installation package and a wish good luck. With us
you’ll be sure that the license is legitimate and the software will
surely work to your liking.

Our software is 100% legitimate and can be installed safely and
reliably. We deliver the software and assist you during the installation
process from start to finish.

We won’t stop until you’re fully satisfied!

Contact with CDKeys.io .

We are happy to help you answer your question as quickly as possible. Depending on the question or problem, one medium is better suited than another. You can contact us via our Customer Service.

Is it possible to call CDKeys.io.

You cannot call us, but you will always get the best tailor-made support!
deliberately choose not to offer telephone support: Our aim is to offer
you our products and services at the lowest possible price and the
highest possible quality. Experience has taught us that a telephone
queue is irritating and that we cannot offer the quality we stand for
over the phone. Therefore, we do not have an expensive call centre. We
can therefore return these savings directly to our customers. As a
result, you get much more value for your money as a customer!

Moreover, e-mail and chat is also a much more suitable medium for providing customised support. Because it gives us the opportunity to send you pictures or give you a link to the manual. This allows us to explain exactly what actions you can still perform or which button you can click. This is not possible over the phone. Over the phone, we cannot see what actions you are performing on your screen. This makes it impossible to give proper instructions over the phone. An additional advantage is that you, as a customer, also have the opportunity to respond with pictures or links that show what you mean. This can clarify a lot for us, allowing us to help you even better and faster!